Who we areVision


A place where you never want to leave


Searching for fantastic encounters
with new people, music and food,

We are delighted to serve our customers
They often thank us for their time,
and mention to us they’d love to come again.

A place you’ll want to spend time
Naturally, we offer you a rich, high quality space
with a playful spirit where people connect.
Blue Note Japan’s logo symbolizes
our vision: connecting people
with new friends, music and food.

By offering new encounters and
wonderful experiences,
Blue Note Japan will keep moving our dreams forward
creating mature and comfortable places
where you will enjoy.

  • 1988
    Blue Note Tokyo Open
  • 1998
    relocated Blue Note Tokyo
  • 2001
    opened adding:blue
  • 2002
    opened Motion Blue yokohama
    opened TUNE yokohama
  • 2005
    opened COTTON CLUB
    opened resonance
  • 2009
    opened Brooklyn Parlor SHINJUKU
  • 2012
    opened Brooklyn Parlor HAKATA
  • 2013
    opened cafe104.5
    opened Bar BACKYARD
    opened BLUE BOOKS cafe SHIZUOKA
  • 2014
    opened BLUE BOOKS cafe JIYUGAOKA
  • 2015
    opened Brooklyn Parlor OSAKA
    Blue Note Jazz Festival in JAPAN
  • 2016
    Blue Note Jazz Festival in JAPAN
  • 2018
    opened Lady Blue
    opened Brooklyn Parlor KYOTO
    opened Hamacho Dining & Bar SESSiON
  • 2019
    renovated Cafe, Dining & Bar 104.5
    renovated Motion Blue yokohama